The thoughts of Matthew Crist, a designer in Boston.


I'm Matthew Crist, a designer, husband, father, golfer, and part-time spaniel herder. Everyone calls me Hondo. I currently work as the lead developer for the City of Boston . Occasionally, I launch side products.

I live in Roxbury, which is a small neighborhood in Boston with my wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

All my recent pictures include kids.
All my recent pictures include kids.

My Career

As a designer I enjoy working across the entire range of user experience from conception and design to efficient development during implementation. I strongly believe in performance and simplicity.

I have been helping organizations craft solutions to their online interaction challenges for over ten years. During this time as a consultant, I have worked with companies large and small such as Macy’s, Limited Brands, Rue La La, Fidelity and EH Publishing.


Occasionally, I'll give a talk about design, technology, and food. Here is a sample of some of those talks.


I've written one book about SEO. You should check it out.